Character Portraits by Master Painter Endre Szabo

Vintage 1960's and 1970's Prints & Mixed Media

At this point in time the family is releasing for sale to the public many of Endre Szabo's character portraits that have been privately held since his demise in 1991. Being presented are Lithographs, including an array of Limited Edition Lithographs, all produced circa 1970, under the artist's careful supervision.

Endre was pehaps best known for his Southwestern Art, though his nautical and classical portraits were very popular as well. These art prints are all uncirculated from the original runs, in pristine condition and are of very limited availability.

These pieces are being offered through Bertram Digital Design, Ltd. in partnership with Mrs. Marjorie Szabo, which is owned and operated by a nephew of the artist Endre Szabo. Bertram Digital Design, Ltd. guarantees their authenticity as circa 1970 vintage prints from the original runs that were overseen by Endre Szabo himself. Bertram Digital Design unconditionally guarantees their vintage authenticity.

Internationally Renowned for His Western Art and Character Portraits

Endre Szabo is internationally known and renowned for his Western, Classical and Maritime Portraiture, as well as for his technique of painting oil on brass and copper. He was a Contemporary Artist who painted in the traditional style of the Old Masters.

Endre's reputation is documented in the biographical reference publication, the "International Who's Who in Art," published in London, England, 1972. A photographic section of the book featured one of Endre's works as an "outstanding example of contemporary painting." Endre's works were further commemorated in series of collector plates by the Lynell company circa 1980.

Coronation of the Shaw of Iran - 1968 - One-Man Show

His fame and notoriety as far back as the 1960s earned him an invitation by the Royal Family of Iran to present a One-Man Show at the Tehran Hilton on the occasion of the Coronation of the Shaw of Iran in 1968. In an era when Iran and its people were enamored of the American Old West and Western Art in general, this invitation to present his work to the Royal Family was an unprecedented honor.

Endre Szabo's Character Portraits

Endre Szabo painted the portraits of presidents, diplomats and religious leaders all over South America during the 1950's, and after emigrating to the United States, he created many unforgettable American Western characters.

Endre Szabo's love of the Old Western Poker Players drove him to create many card playing rascals. Many of his original poker art characters hang in private poker rooms and collections all over the world.

Endre did not limit himself exclusively to the Old West. Our collection includes nautical and classical characters such as The Pirate, Old Man of the Sea and The Fisherman, and The Philosopher and Hippocrates.

American Icon John Wayne

Endre Szabo's western character portraits were so well-known and well-received that John Wayne himself allowed his portrait to be reproduced in print, in the form of our lithograph. Many years after the creation of the lithographs, the Lynell corporation used Endre's Man of the Golden West as one of their collector series plates.

Endre Szabo was perhaps most well-known for his ability to capture the character and spiritual depth of his subject.